HEN Meeting Program

From 17th to 19th HEN Meeting + 20th to 23th Hakomi Experience

The International Hakomi Meeting 2019 is an opportunity for members of our global community to network, share ideas and best practices and to experience the thrill of being with colleagues from all over the globe.

For Trainers, Teachers, Certified Practitioners and Organizers


Tues Sept 17       afternoon             

( at 14:00 welcoming and accreditations collection )

Time:                     3 to 6:30pm with 30 minutes break


3- 3:50                 Intro with Donna and the Legacy team – 50 minutes

3:50 – 4                 Break

4 – 4:40                 New Resources with Donna and Georgia – 40 minutes

5 – 6:30                 Website, Social Media and Funding – Georgia (Canada), Anja and Madeleen (Norway) and Carlos (Spain) – 60 min        


Wed Sept 18        morning                               

Time:                     9:30am to 1pm with 30 minutes break

Topics:                   Leadership Design Process Part 1 with facilitator Ross Gilchrist



Wed Sept 18        afternoon

Time:                     3 to 6:30pm with 30 minutes break


3 – 3:50                 Grace Unfolding, fostering cross-cultural peer communication, collaboration and support. Presenters: Chiayu (Taiwan), Diana (Argentina), Maru (USA) – 50 min

3:50 – 4                 Break

4 – 4:50                 Certification, Skillful Supervision and Support with Caroline (UK), Donna (Canada), Sabine (Ireland)  – 50 min

4:50 – 5:10           Break

5:10 – 6:30           Discussion Groups


Thurs Sept 19      morning                               

Time:                     9:30am to 1pm with 30 minutes break

Topics:                   Leadership Design Process Part 2 with facilitator Ross Gilchrist


Thurs Sept 19      afternoon                            

Time:                     3 to 6:30pm with 30 minutes break


3-3:30                    Hakomi Online with Georgia and Donna (Canada) – 30 min

3:30-3:45              Break

3:45-5                    Ethics with Trudy (UK), Marcia (Canada) and Angela (Canada) – 50 min

5-5:30                    Break

5:30-6:30              Discussion Groups for trainers, teachers, organizers and practitioners – 1 hour (Topics for those groups will be generated from previous days’ presentations)


Hen Meeting

¿Who is coming?

All teachers, trainers, certified practitioners and organizers are invited to attend the first part of the conference beginning the afternoon of the 17th followed by two complete days on the 18th and 19th of September. Some appointed students or prospect organizers can be elegible to join the HEN members to attend these innitial days. For more information contact: info@hakomimeeting.com

The second part on September 20th to 23th, we are calling the Hakomi Experience is open to any person interested. We are welcoming people curious and willing to “taste” the method as well as welcoming our most experienced Hakomi teachers and trainers. The Hakomi experience will be facilitated by legacy holders and international teams of trainers.

What will be doing?

At the first part, for HEN members, attendees will participate in 2.5 days of presentations, discussions and decision making for our international organization. The topics for these meetings will include leadership, ethics, online learning, HEN presence on the web and social media, certification processes, decision making processes, organizational strategies and written reports from trainings worldwide.

During the second part, the Hakomi Experience, we will present the work for the newcomers and also offer the opportunity for advanced students, teachers and trainers to deepen their skills and reflect upon the profound implications of the practice.

Our invitation to you is to come and celebrate Hakomi in a richly historic city and in a beautiful Basque university.  We encourage you to use HEN in Bilbao as a platform to share your knowledge and broaden your networks, meet old friends and make new ones, and to celebrate the legacy of Ron Kurtz.

Please join us in making this HEN gathering an extraordinary experience and experiment in international collaboration.

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If you have any query of just want to get in touch with the organizing committe in Hakomi Spain you can fill the form or email:    info@hakomimeeting.com

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