International Hakomi Meeting Bilbao

Method of Assisted Self-Discovery

Mindfulness Based Body Psychotherapy

HEN Meeting - 17 - 23 SeptHakomi Experience - 20 - 23 de Sept

Hakomi Education Network International Meeting

It is a pleasure for Hakomi Spain and the organizing committee to extend a warm welcome to everyone in the Hakomi world to join us in Bilbao, Spain in September 2019.

The International Hakomi Meeting 2019 is an opportunity for members of our global community to network, share ideas and best practices and to experience the thrill of being with colleagues from all over the globe. We will celebrate with the presence of “Legacy Holders” and a global team of Senior Trainers who worked directly with Ron Kurtz, the founder of Hakomi.

This meeting has two major parts:


Hakomi Congress

From 20th to 23th of September

Open to anyone interested in professional development or personal growth. .


HEN Meeting

17th to 23th of September

HEN Members (Trainers, teachers certified practitioners and Organizers).

reunión hen

HEN Meeting

From September 17th to the 19th the HEN Meeting will offer an opportunity for Trainers, Teachers, Certified Practitioners and Organizers to hear presentations and participate in decision making for our organization. The topics will include leadership, ethics, websites and social media, new resources, support systems, online learning and certification. Make sure you are part of the conversation!

Hakomi Experience

An experiential study of the principles of Hakomi:

Mindfulness    –  Organicity –  Non Violence  –   Loving Presence –  BodyMind Holism – Unity

From September 20th to 23th, participants will be invited to an immersion in the Hakomi experience facilitated by teams of international trainers.

We are committed to planning a program that will benefit everyone in our network – teachers and trainers, organizers and students, as well as newcomers.


Honoring Ron Kurtz

“The impulse to heal is real and powerful and lies within the client. Our job is to evoke that healing power, to meet its tests and needs and to support it in its expression and development. We are not the healers. We are the context in which healing is inspired”       .- Ron Kurtz


We will celebrate with the presence of all the “Legacy Holders” available and a global team of Senior Trainers that worked directly with  Ron Kurtz , the founder of Hakomi.

Donna Martin

Donna Martin

Senior Trainer & “Legacy Holder”

Georgia Marvin

Georgia Marvin

Senior Trainer & “Legacy Holder”

Bob Milone

Bob Milone

Senior Trainer &  “Legacy Holder”

Free Social Cultural Events


It is required to register for this events filling this form FILL THIS FORM  


Social Ligth Dinner + Music

Friday 20th around 19:30 the Organizing Comitte will offer a free dinner + music at a beutiful Bar ( 5 mins walk to Bizkaia Aretoa )

Participants partners are wellcomed, include their name on the registration above and they can pay to the organizers (around 20 euro)Frente al Agua

Here is the Address:

Frente al Agua , Frentealagua, Evaristo Churruca Kaia, 1, 48001 Bilbo, Bizkaia


Guided Tourist Tour

On Behalf of Bilbao Tourism the participants on the HEN Hakomi Meeting can enjoy a free guided tour around the old town.

Wednesday 18th, at 19:00, the guides will come to pick up us to the Bizkaia aretoa.

Participant´s partners are wellcomed for free, but need to included in the registration form. 

More info: A look at the city’s origins. This is an interesting route for discovering medieval Bilbao. Its cobbled streets, cantones, charming squares and corners bear witness to the intense commercial and port life that made the city grow.
Over 500 years of history are still present in the city walls, the Gothic Cathedral of Santiago, the New Square, the emblematic San Antón Church and the ancient ruins it stands on, and the busy Ribera Market. Time seems to have come to a standstill in these urban surroundings that are full of vitality.


Venue Location

Bizkaia Aretoa – Universidad Pais Vasco

Address: Avenida Abandoibarra, 3  –   48009 –  Bilbao (Capital del Mundo) Bizkaia- Spain        GPS: 43.26867,-2.93752

Bizkaia Hakomi

Turism in Bilbao


Hakomi Experience

20th to 23th of September

Until the  04/30/19     300€
From  05/01/19             350€

HEN Meeting + Hakomi Experience

From 17th to 23th of September

Until  04/31/19       500€
From  05/01/19       575€









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