Hakomi Spain is an non-profit association and a member of the Hakomi Educational Network. It was established by people from diverse backgrounds, some of them with professional interest (psychology, psychiatry, therapists, social work) and others with personal interests in self-study, yoga, therapy, change, and healing. We are bonded by an interest in Hakomi Method.

A Journey of 17 Years


In 2001 a group of about fifteen people working closely with Ron Kurtz decided to become the Hakomi Education Network (HEN). Many of us continued to study or teach with Ron throughout the rest of his life

Ron Kurtz Creator of the Hakomi Method

ron-kurtRon Kurtz pioneered, among other things, the use of mindfulness as a fundamental ingredient of psychotherapy and realized the need for psychotherapy to be experiential to be truly transformative. He also understood that nonverbal expression reveals more than our verbal stories can ever tell about the core material that organizes experience and that the body is a direct route to the unconscious.


We have had three international gatherings, the first in Vancouver, Canada and two in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, in April 2013 and 2016.

Hakomi Around the Globe

We have members and teachers in Europe, Asia, North, South, and Central America. We feel connected as a world-wide Hakomi community which meets at least every one to three years in order to share ideas and inspiration.

Hakomi Education Materials

You can find educational materials  (ebooks, videos, articles..) at the website:


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